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It’s a Spring Thing!

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Does the promise of spring on the horizon inspire thoughts of your own personal rejuvenation and renewal? Are the warming weather and visibly longer days drawing you outdoors for exercise, sports, and fun? Westchester’s health and wellness experts are ready to help you spring into action safely.

Providing elite care when needed: ACCESS Nursing Services

Receiving specialty treatment efficiently, effectively: Brain & Spine Surgeons of NY

Staying healthy and safe: Emerson Resort & Spa

Getting in shape to work out: HSS Westchester

Refreshing and renewing: Skin and Laser Lounge


Providing elite care when needed

Q. What are the most effective COVID-19 testing options available?
A. “We have two COVID-19 testing options available from ACCESS Nursing Service’s COVID Clear Services: Rapid testing, with results in 10 minutes, and PCR testing, with results in 24 to 36 hours. All COVID-19 testing and screening is conducted by COVID Clear Services clinicians. We also offer DIY in-home testing kits that we can send to you by mail.”

Q. Why would I need a Concierge Nurse?
A. “Nurses in hospitals throughout the U.S. are currently stretched beyond their limits amidst a record-breaking RN shortage and an overwhelming pandemic. Nurses are now tasked with caring more intensely for many more patients, which can be especially problematic since your rate of rehabilitation and recovery after surgery is often dependent upon your commitment to engage in a post-hospital strategy. ACCESS Nursing Services is a leading regional provider of healthcare personnel to individual patients, as well as prestigious healthcare systems throughout New York and New Jersey. ACCESS Nursing also offers a top-level Concierge Care Private Nursing service, providing premier care at home or in a hotel room, rehab facility, mountain or beach sanctuary, etc.  An ACCESS Nursing Concierge Care Private Nurse can give you the elite care that you won’t find anywhere else and will start working with you in the hospital, transition to rehab, and follow you to your home. They are with you every step of the way and will work with your team of doctors to make sure that the proper care plan is in place.”

Q. Besides nursing care, what other services can a Concierge Nurse provide?
A. “Concierge Nurses can create a care strategy under your physician’s direction that can include nutritionists, vitamin infusions, naturalists, masseuses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, aromatherapists, rehab therapists, among other specialties designed to support your recovery goals and mind/body healing. COVID rapid and PCR testing is included in all patient packages, including testing for families and friends. Explore more information about ACCESS Nursing Services and COVID Clear Services.”

ACCESS Nursing Services
45 Knollwood Rd, Suite 102

Receiving specialty treatment efficiently, effectively

Q. Why is it important to offer multiple specialties within one practice?
A. “Brain and Spine Surgeons of NY is growing in size and expertise. In fact, they have recently added seven new physicians to their lineup. Expanded services include neurology, ENT care, and more innovative non-surgical pain management options. The reasons why BSSNY patients seek treatment varies from person to person. Sometimes a patients’ complaint doesn’t fit into one category of medicine. It often takes a combined approach of differing specialties to devise the best treatment plan possible for BSSNY patients. Having these options all under one roof minimizes the amount of time a patient is waiting for treatment. BSSNY surgeons actually prefer to operate together as a team and they often do. The primary goal at BSSNY is to determine the root cause of a patient’s concern. They can do that best by combining the expertise of multiple physicians within multiple specialties. This allows for the best possible outcome for their patients.”

Q. Is surgery always necessary?
A. “Taking an individualized approach to care, the physicians at BSSNY always look for non-invasive treatments first and foremost. If surgery isn’t deemed medically necessary at the time, the physicians will discuss other forms of treatment with their patients. In fact, BSSNY has a division that is designated to non-surgical care and treatments called Spine Options. Five Pain Management physicians work closely with patients to alleviate their pain through non-surgical treatments, such as physical therapy, pain injections, holistic alternatives, and more. One should never be afraid to visit a surgeon. BSSNY physicians want what’s best for their patient and will never push surgery if it isn’t in the patient’s best interest.”

Q. What is minimally invasive surgery?
A. “BSSNY surgeons work with patients to find the best options to help treat their conditions and pain. There is a particular emphasis on minimally invasive procedures when appropriate. This involves small incisions with few stitches. A thin, tube-like instrument with a lens for viewing is inserted to guide the surgeons through the procedure. The end result is less pain and need for narcotic use, a quicker return to daily activities, and minimal scarring as compared to an open-surgery approach. Many procedures such as these do not require an overnight stay in the hospital. Surgery of any kind can sound scary. At BSSNY, they do their best to treat a patients’ condition with the least amount of interruption into their daily lives.”

Brain & Spine Surgeons of NY
Main Office
4 Westchester Park Drive, 4th fl
White Plains

Staying healthy and safe

Q. Can your summer vacation be safe, fun, and health conscious?
A. “The answer is a resounding, ‘Yes!’ After settling in at your destination, take 15 minutes to meditate. Close your eyes, feel the air, listen to your surroundings, and ‘fully arrive.’ Begin each morning with a walk, since being outside is key to connecting with nature and a new environment. In addition to deep, cleansing breaths, take in the sounds of water flowing, trees rustling, and birds singing to feel centered and in the moment. These simple mental exercises can be socially distanced activities and are proven to boost your immunity.”

Christina Burns, Spa Director
Emerson Resort & Spa
5340 Rte 28
Mount Tremper

Getting in shape to work out

Q. Which outdoor sports injuries are most common?
A. “With spring just days away, most athletes can’t wait to get outdoors. Cold weather and Covid concerns have kept many more sedentary than usual this winter. As athletes dive headfirst into outdoor sports on the first nice day, the injuries we see most at HSS involve shoulders and knees. The most popular outdoor sports are basketball, tennis, swimming, and baseball. All require repeated overhead motion, which can lead to overuse injuries like rotator cuff impingement, a pinching between the rotator cuff tendons and the bone at the top of the shoulder, causing irritation and pain. Regarding knee injuries, many of the summer sports we love require running or jumping and this can often lead to pain around the front of the knee or the so-called patellofemoral syndrome.”

Q. What’s the best way to prevent injury?
A. “Many people tend to overlook their shoulders and knees in winter workouts. The best way to guard against injury is to begin a strengthening program for both muscle groups in March.”

Q. Can you recommend how to strengthen my shoulder and knee muscles?
A. “An easy, no-nonsense way to strengthen small muscle groups is with resistance bands. For shoulders, use the band in a series of rotations and sleeper stretches, as well as wall walks several times a week and throughout the summer. To build knee muscle strength, use the resistance band with monster walks, glute bridges, clam shells, and chair squats.”

Beth E. Shubin Stein, MD
Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon
HSS Westchester
White Plains

Refreshing and renewing

Q. What do you recommend in preparing your skin for spring?
A. “Look your best this spring, with our Diamond Glow Treatment. This treatment is known for its patented 3-in-1 system that gently exfoliates away rough, dry skin with a diamond tip, suctions oil and dirt from inside your pores, and deeply infuses serums. This simple, yet highly effective skin treatment helps fight the signs of aging with minimal to no downtime. It is a one-of-a-kind face and body treatment that not only feels amazing, but leaves your skin deeply clean, hydrated, and glowing, even after just one treatment. The Diamand Glow Treatment can also include dermaplaning, which promotes deeper product absorption and removes vellus hair, making the skin look and feel smoother. Take advantage of our 15% off special!”

Dominique Fumarelli, Owner
Skin and Laser Lounge
300 Main St

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