The Face of Geothermal

Pictured: Rob Feuer, Founder and CEO

A passion for geothermal energy led Rob Feuer, Founder and CEO, to launch Geothermal Works™, a company that cares about home comfort and specializes in geothermal consulting, design, and installations. An expert in the alternative energy and building science arenas, Feuer earned certifications from IGSHPA, Earthlink Technologies, Advanced Geothermal Technology, Total Green, and Building Performance Institute (BPI). Relying on his technical and analytical background, Feuer has been a pioneer in Direct Exchange geothermal development and holds several patents related to the winter air sealing of through-the-wall and window air conditioning units. As an educator, he has trained AIA member architects on the process of redesigning homes to accommodate geothermal systems. He remains passionately committed to reducing every person’s carbon footprint one house or commercial structure at a time.

Geothermal Works, Inc.
New Rochelle • 914.960.1424 •

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