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How to Prepare Your Office for The New Normal

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The world is changing, and fast. While it often feels too fast to ever get ahead, there are steps you can take right now in order to better prepare your company for the “new normal.” What does that mean? As workplaces start to reopen and employees return to their offices, employers will need to rethink workplace policy and office design in order to keep employees safe and healthy.

One major step any business can take to bolster the safety of its office space is to invest in creating a healthier workplace environment.

Kelly Kraus, Director of Service Operations with Scott Geider, Director of Technical Services

D.P. Wolff Inc., a commercial HVAC service and mechanical contractor in Westchester, is at the forefront of recommending solutions for improving indoor air quality. Combining these measures with preventive maintenance, in their expert opinion, will improve the overall air quality and indoor environment for building occupants.    

“The new normal for us, is having less staff physically present in the office. The majority of our team is working remotely explains D.P. Wolff Inc.s Director of Service Operations, Kelly Kraus. “This pandemic has given us a heightened awareness of the role our surroundings play in our health and wellbeing. That’s going to be the new normal in most office spaces. There’s going to be a definite concern for business owners to proactively ensure a safe environment for their employees and customers to return to.”

How can your company improve indoor air quality and protect employees? Keep on reading for D.P. Wolff’s recommendations on immediate steps you can take.

Upgrade Air Filters

While a strong filtration system on its own can’t prevent the spread of COVID-19, it should undoubtedly be a part of every company’s plan to protect its employees.

“The first step we’re recommending is to increase the efficiency of your HVAC systems air filters.,” says Scott Geider, Director of Technical Services. “Upgrading to MERV 13 air filters, allows the system to trap the smaller sized particles, such as viruses, that are too small to be filtered out by a lower MERV rated air filter.”

Increase Ventilation

“Increasing the amount of outside air coming into the building can help reduce indoor air pollutants and improve overall indoor air quality” says Geider. “Whether this is done mechanically through your HVAC system or through natural ventilation, such as opening windows if possible, there are various factors to consider. An open window may help bring in fresh air, but it can also cause comfort complaints and waste energy.”

Install Air Purifiers

According to the EPA, “When used properly, air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a home or confined space. However, by itself, [this alone] is not enough to protect people from COVID-19.”

iWave-C is a self-cleaning, bi-polar ionization device that actively treats air inside buildings.

“We are recommending and installing bi-polar ionization devices in office buildings, schools, churches and other facilities. These devices are proven to kill mold, bacteria and viruses,” says Geider. “We have already installed various IAQ products within our own office building to create a healthier work environment for our team.

As employers start to reopen their shared workspaces, it’s imperative to have a policy in place that protects it’s employees. Many business owners and facility managers are looking for answers on how to safely reopen their buildings while giving employees peace of mind. For D.P. Wolff Inc. and their clients, proactively addressing any indoor air quality concerns is a huge step in the right direction.

“The health and safety of our office team and of our field technicians remains our top priority. We’ve been challenged to adjust the way we normally operate,” says Kraus. “It’s forced us to rethink each process to find out where we can improve. Asking ourselves, are we doing everything we can to minimize exposure and protect our employees? We are offering solutions and products to enhance the quality of the air that you’re working in.”

D.P. Wolff Inc.
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