Beautiful Baths


Challenge: What exactly is an intelligent toilet? Why would you need one?

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Solution: “An intelligent toilet helps redefine one of life’s most basic routines, providing a next-level experience. The experience includes comforts, such as a heated seat and deodorizer. Conveniences like a nightlight, automated flush and hands-free opening/closing of the lid, and the latest innovation, voice control. The experience also incorporates an elevated level of cleanliness with an integral personal temperature-controlled cleansing spray.”


Kate Piediscalzo, Showroom Merchandising & Marketing Supervisor
Best Plumbing Tile & Stone

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Challenge: We’re thinking of taking on a bathroom renovation. Do you have any advice?


Solution: It’s important to be aware of your motivation. When most people come to us, they are focused on a space that lacks allure. They envision a room that attracts your eye and grabs your attention. Some are motivated by necessity, others by excitement. Any vision can be created if there’s dedication and persistence behind it. The plumbing world is no different. For example, a bathroom starts with a simple piece of tile and a faucet handle to turn the water on. The dream is created with elegant colors, carefully crafted cabinetry, and the staff to support your imagination.

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Mike LiCalzi
Consolidated Plumbing Supply

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