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Faces of Westchester 2022 Partner Content

The Face of Cutting-Edge Nutrition That Really Works!


Dina Khader, MS, RD, CDN

Even celebrities seek-out Dina Khader when other healthcare practitioners are stumped. Dina utilizes Bio-Energetic testing that allows for a very detailed evaluation of all the organs of the body, spine, teeth, etc. Physical, chemical, or emotional stressors can cause organs to malfunction, blood to stagnate, and energy to become blocked. Based on this highly sophisticated software program, Dina is able to determine the best choice of supplements for maximum results. On average, most issues can be improved or resolved in eight weeks. Her patients’ testimonials attest to the results. As one patient stated, “Dina helped me when doctors could not. I had a lung disease that would not go away. Steroids took care of it, but every time they took me off of them, the disease would come back. Finally, I went to Dina and with her protocol, I was cured and it has never come back. Dina is my hero!”

The Khader Center
Dina Khader, MS, RD, CDN – Nutrition Consultant
4 Smith Avenue • Mount Kisco • 914.242.0124

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