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Comprehensive Cognitive Care Now Offered In White Plains

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It can be difficult for those suffering from neurocognitive disorders to find health care services that meet all of their recovery needs. Whether you’ve experienced a stroke or concussion, or are living with dementia or some other cognitive impairment, the last thing you should be concerned about is how and where you’ll be receiving your treatment. In a groundbreaking effort to streamline the healing process, Brain and Spine Surgeons of New York has opened the Center for Cognitive Health (CCH) in White Plains.

“The Center for Cognitive Health is one of the first multidisciplinary programs to include Neuropsychology, Neurology, and Neurosurgery in one comprehensive program. Our goal is to develop the premier cognitive program in the Hudson Valley,” said Dr. John Abrahams, a renowned neurosurgeon and the President of BSSNY.

By integrating these three important aspects of cognitive care under one roof, the CCH hopes to create a simpler and more effective approach to neurological recovery.

In order to achieve this lofty objective, the CCH has assembled a team of experienced and well-respected doctors with diverse neurological specialties. Dr. Abrahams cares for patients needing neurosurgical solutions, while Neurologist Dr. Tatyana Gitlevich diagnoses and treats those requiring neurological care. BSSNY is also proud and excited to welcome Dr. Elyssa Scharaga — who specializes in neuropsychological treatments — to their team.

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Dr. Tatyana Gitlevich

“She has tremendous experience and passion for the field, and we expect to build a highly successful program.” Dr. Abrahams said of Dr. Scharaga, who will also serve as Co-Director of the CCH alongside Dr. Gitlevich.
Dr. Elyssa Scharaga

Dr. Elyssa Scharaga

Among the new services offered at the CCH are: neuropsychological evaluations, which assess the patient’s cognitive abilities and social-emotional functioning; cognitive therapy for patients (and their loved ones) having trouble adjusting to the challenges of their disorder; and cognitive remediation for those experiencing memory, attention, or information processing issues. These services can help treat a wide range of neurocognitive impairments. Common conditions seen by the CCH include dementia, epilepsy, stroke, movement disorders, headaches, and traumatic brain injuries (such as concussions).

“The mission of the Center for Cognitive Health is to provide an interdisciplinary approach to care for individuals living with neurocognitive disorders. Our comprehensive program strives to deliver superior patent-centered care through accurate diagnosis and effective treatment,” explained Dr. Scharaga. “We provide expert guidance and support to patients and their families throughout the process of navigating cognitive and behavioral brain conditions.”

Brain and Spine Surgeons of New York is a cornerstone of the regional health care community, having provided first-rate, compassionate medical treatment throughout the Hudson Valley for over 60 years. The Center for Cognitive Health — now open at the White Plains office — represents its ongoing commitment to providing its patients with the best care available.

cognitiveIf you or someone you love is battling a neurocognitive disorder, request a  CCH consultation by filing out the online form, emailing info@cognitive-centers.com, or by calling 914-618-4446.

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