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5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn How to Code


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We all want our kids to lead happy, healthy, and successful lives. When we consider how to instill important values and skills in them, though, the path to success isn’t always clear. As you weigh how your kids will spend their summer vacation, consider how coding may inspire little ones to think in new, exciting ways. The rewards can be sweeter than you might expect!

Anyone Can Code

If you think only tech geniuses and math whizzes can code, think again. Coding is incredibly inclusive. Anyone who can read can code! Fun games and colorful puzzles provide the most entry-level of coding education, proving just about anybody can code if they’re willing. The best part? You won’t have to feel guilty about this particular brand of screen time!

Coding Teaches Kids to be Creative

While coding is traditionally lumped in with math, science, and engineering, creative thinking is crucial for success. As students design their own websites and problem-solve for technical solutions, they’ll discover new, exciting ways to think outside of the box. Coding changes the way we look at common challenges, making it an important skill to add to your child’s toolkit!

Thinking Logically is Easy (Once You Learn How to Code!)

Kids aren’t typically known for their rational thinking. Learning to code through a program like Codeverse can help little ones better understand challenges and how to overcome them. Much of coding centers around breaking problems up into manageable pieces and working through them sequentially. Once kids master the foundations of coding, they’ll be able to apply this thought process to the real world with ease.

Coding Prepares Students for the Future

The world is changing at a rapid pace. It’s impossible to predict exactly what the job market will look like in twenty years. One thing’s for certain, though: technology will continue to play a large role in our daily lives. With a foundational understanding of how coding works, students will be better prepared to face the demands of future employers.

Coding Can Change the World

Once you know how to code, there’s no limit to what you can create. Whether your child hopes to someday design a robot, create a video game, or build an app, they’ll need to learn how to code to meet their goals. Thinking on a grander scale, programming skills allow you to create the world of your dreams. There’s nothing more powerful than that!

Interested in learning more about the wonderful world of coding? Be one of the first to experience Codeverse, the world’s first fully interactive coding studio for kids ages 6-13. Codeverse is opening at The Westchester in Summer 2020 and will be offering summer camps, classes, and weekend parties. Learn more at codeverse.com.

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