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Principally settled among vast and open fields, North Salem is known for being populated by “more horses than people.” Alongside the roads that run through town lies a multitude of farms and pastures of grazing cattle. Being a part of a conservation project, the town offers extensive areas of open and relatively untouched nature throughout the most northeastern part of Westchester. Home to one of the oldest foxhunting clubs in the country, the Golden Bridge Hunt Club, as well as the North Salem Riding Trails Association, the town—bordering Putnam County and Connecticut—is one of Westchester’s most nature-oriented.

As much as North Salem has to offer in terms of wildlife, it has a very limited town life. Vox, 121, Croton Creek Steakhouse, and Blazer Pub constitute the best of North Salem’s dining options and although it is not very extensive, it is of very high quality.