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Salvatore Lagonia


As if it’s not cool enough to hob-nob at a black-tie dinner honoring legendary astronauts, how about taking a break in the middle of it to accept a joyride in an open-cockpit plane that does loop-de-loops?

Okay, maybe that flight of fancy is not a typical day in the life of Judge Salvatore A. Lagonia of Yorktown, but then there’s not much that is typical about this multitalented cop-turned-attorney. The 64-year-old married father of three pilots his own Cessna Cardinal and moonlights as a trumpet player (he started playing when he was just 5). Except when he’s gigging, Lagonia doesn’t like to toot his own horn, though others are more than happy to do it for him.

Halfway through Lagonia’s distinguished 20-year career with the New Castle Police Department, a judge nudged him into studying law, saying, “If you like people, you’ll love law.”  Without leaving the force, Lagonia earned a law degree, then became a judge 20 years after that.

Fellow Yorktown judge Gary Raniolo says his close friend is “proficient in so many things — the list goes on and on. He can fix anything. And when he goes on Fox News, he knows his stuff; he’s not winging it.” In a way, he is: Judge Lagonia is seen regularly on the network as its go-to aviation expert.


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