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André Leon Talley

David Shankbone | Wikimedia Commons

André Leon Talley is a globetrotting fashion icon. For more than 40 years, from working at Andy Warhol’s Factory to his longtime position as editor-at-large for Vogue, Talley has been a familiar face even to those who wouldn’t know a hemline from a fishing line. But those in the fashion world know that Talley is more than just a familiar face. “André is one of the last great fashion editors to have an incredible sense of fashion history,” designer Tom Ford told Vanity Fair. Designer Marc Jacobs told the magazine there aren’t “even a dozen” people like Talley extant in the fashion world.The 67-year-old — who is the size of an NFL linebacker, draped in garb as flamboyant as his outré personality, hanging out with the world’s most lumonous celebs — should be living in Manhattan or Paris or London. Yet he has made White Plains his home since 1999, frequenting City Limits diner whenever he can. “I love White Plains for its quietness, elegance, and warmth,” he told the Journal News. “I come home at night, I turn the key, and it’s quiet.”

Photo credit Susan B. Landau/courtesy of Katonah Museum of Art

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