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As each new year comes around, it’s customary to look back on certain things we’ve done. transFORM is taking the turning of the calendar as an opportunity to reflect on one of our favorite projects from 2016.

Custom work lets us handle closets of all shapes and sizes. From bedroom-sized walk-ins to itty-bitty reach-in closets, we strive to create a solution that not only adds value to the home but also improves the customer’s overall lifestyle.


In the summer of 2016, transFORM Designer Sally Soonthararak and Interior Designer Shari Francis of DADAPT, dreamed up the perfect solution for a Modern Baby Nursery. 


Let’s just say, this is one lucky baby with a well-organized closet, designed in our popular White Coco Finish. 



The ultimate goal was to create a functional system that could maximize the closets vertical hanging space. Tastefully accented with polished chrome hardware, this custom unit neatly showcases their little cutie’s wardrobe while making all of her belongings easily accessible. 



Tapered panels offer better visibility to upper shelves for storage bins and less frequently used items. Storage bins with handles create a sleek and polished look. They can be used in a variety of ways and can be further enhanced with labels to keep everything neat and tidy. The hanging system can adjust as the child grows while drawers and slide out chrome baskets can be used for toys and miscellaneous items. Drawer dividers make organizing clothes, especially baby clothes so much easier. 



At first glance, you see a classic white changing table, but in fact this built-in system doubles as additional storage. The changing tray can be removed to reveal a custom sideboard, which can be personalized with knick-knacks and home decor. Side cubbies were installed for keeping baby wipes and diapers so they are always within easy reach. A built-in hamper is also connected to the changing area for added convenience. The system includes removable, lightweight nylon bags for easy transport to the laundry room. These hampers help keep the room clean and increase space without losing functionality. 



This project was inspired by cool and soft contemporary design. For instance, we see a contrast of texture and shape, as well as simple clean lines and symmetrical balance. Floating shelves were included for additional storage. Modern shelving helps brighten and organize the child’s space while offering a wealth of decorating possibilities. Finally, the neutral color palette brings personality to the room, creating a pretty look that will last as their daughter enters grade school.



Overall, this nursery displays a perfect combination of functionality and personality. When integrated with various storage options, it becomes a happy place where you can smile, relax and enjoy time with your new addition.