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You Should Be Hopping On This One-Time Winter Produce Share in Yonkers


The Get Fresh Yonkers Farmers’ Market, run by Groundwork Hudson Valley, is offering city residents the chance to get produce that has been flash-frozen or puréed right after being harvested for the winter.

Nathan Hunter of Groundwork Hudson Valley at the Yonkers farmers’ market.

Community supported agriculture, or CSA, is seeing growth in the Hudson Valley with the increased demand for local produce. The Farm Bridge Shares, based in New Paltz, is the facility that packages and distributes excess produce from local farms, and is working with Groundwork Hudson Valley in the winter CSA.

“What [Groundwork] has seen is a growth in the CSA movement,” says Nathan Hunter, director of Healthy Communities at Groundwork Hudson Valley. “When the farmers’ market closes, people always come to me ask where to get fresh farm produce from the Hudson Valley.”

Keeping money local in particular is a concern that has spread over the past few years, and a CSA is one way of supporting that. Also, produce tastes better because it is in season and/or frozen at its peak, and is full of nutrients. Many county residents are wising up to how good sustainability is for the body, wallet, and even environment.

The one-time share provides frozen produce in one pickup in December. For more information, visit the Yonkers farmers’ market or contact Groundwork Hudson Valley directly at 914.375.2151.

Get Fresh Yonkers Farmers’ Market
Fridays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. through October 27
Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site
29 Warburton Ave, Yonkers

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