You Can Have a Replica of Your Home Made Entirely Out of LEGOs

3 unique ways to remember your home, sweet home.

​Whether you’re moving into your dream home, your first home, or moving out of a cherished home, you may find yourself wanting to commemorate the house itself and having something to remember it by.

It seems this type of memory keeping is becoming a trend. Little Brick Lane in Rye Brook will create a miniature replica of your home completely out of LEGOs starting at $2,500, interiors included.

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Photo by Little Brick Lane


While an online company called Boombox was started right in our own backyard in NYC. This service offers a beautiful memory box that holds up to 150 cards personalized with messages from friends and family. Boombox will either design and help you fill the cards from loved ones or you can get the cards and fill them yourself. Either way, this would be a wonderful way to share memories you had in your home or have over the years with visitors.

Photo Courtesy of BoomboX

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And of course you can always commission a local artist to create a framed painting or illustration of your home, but one homeowners and artist took it a step further as seen in the video below.

Writer and artist Amy Stewart moved out of her Victorian home that she and her husband had lived in for 17 years and she wanted to commemorate their time there so she drew illustrations of the interior and exterior.