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Will Hillary Clinton Headquarter Her Presidential Campaign In Westchester?


Even 15 years after the Clintons moved to Chappaqua, Clinton-palooza seems to have never faded. In the near future, that ‘palooza might increase… big time.

According to Politico, there are murmurs that Hillary Clinton is considering Westchester as her presidential campaign headquarters—if there is to be a campaign, of course—and that White plains, the county’s fifth-most populated city, and Chappaqua, Clinton’s current hometown, are both possible locations.

“A Clinton campaign would be great for Westchester County, and a Clinton presidency would be great for the country,” said Representative Nita Lowey (D-NY17) in a statement for Westchester Magazine.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but Clinton’s aides are preparing themselves for a New York-based campaign, Politico says, and people close to the situation say Westchester consideration is increasingly likely.

Still, Clinton has yet to announce an intention to run in 2016 (despite an overall national impression that she will), so nothing is definite. According to Politico, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island are also possible bases for the campaign, and Brooklyn Congressman Hakeem Jeffries has already openly welcomed her.

Both White Plains and Chappaqua are roughly a 35-40-minute drive to Manhattan, and White Plains has a direct route on the Metro-North straight to Grand Central. HPN, Westchester’s airport, is only 15 minutes from both places.

Clinton’s last campaign, in 2008, was based in Ballston, Virginia, a suburb in Arlington County.


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