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What We Heard From Our Readers About April’s High School Issue


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Regarding April‘s “Life Lessons

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for writing such a flattering article about me and Mr. Inglis [“Life Lessons,” April]. The piece turned out really well, and it has been great to share with all of my friends and family. Thanks for taking the time to write such a well-thought-out and researched showcase. 

—Sam Mogil, via email

You have no idea how much your fine work was appreciated here at JFK in Port Chester, in my home, in Mount Vernon, and in DC. A moment of validation for a lifetime of work! And Kaya, if all goes well, will become one of the great American educators of this era. You did well by selecting her for the article.

—Lou Cuglietto, via email

Regarding March‘s “Gearing Up for the Golden Years

As a loyal reader for many years, I was shocked by the insanely stupid insight of Christopher Vecchio [“Gearing Up for the Golden Years,” March]. How can a 24-year-old possibly imagine the “Golden Years”? From your classy publication, this is an insult to anyone in their senior years. My wife and I are a happy senior couple, but hearing thoughts on senior life from a 24-year-old makes me sick. It seems Mr. Vecchio and your editorial board don’t have a clue.

—Bob Orzack, via email

From westchestermagazine.com

Regarding March 2014’s “Inked” piece about Big Joe & Sons Tattooing:

Lil’ Joe did my first in Mount Vernon years ago; I believe I was one of his first tattoos. Joey and Justin truly are extremely talented artists, and, during my next trip back home to New York in May, I will be getting one of them to do a RIP piece for all the friends I’ve lost. I’m very happy with the work that was done and I swore if I get ink from now on it will be a Kaplan doing it or no one.

—Scottie Carlson 

Had my first with Joe in Mount Vernon and all the rest with Adam. My son is now a second-generation [Adam client], traveling all the way from New Hampshire. Wishing only the best of luck to them in their new location.

—Roswell A. D.

Regarding the March 2014 “Mad Love for Ladle of Love” post on our Eat. Drink. Post. blog:

Ladle of Love has the best soup! Absolutely delicious. One of my favorites is the Harvest Celebration.

—Susan Riley

Regarding the March 2014 “Sexton Hits The Twisted Oak in Tarrytown” post on our Eat. Drink. Post. blog:

There’s already a Campagna Restaurant in Westchester, in Shrub Oak (Yorktown); it’s a local Italian place. I wonder if they checked the availability of the name before deciding on it?

—Bill Rubin

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