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Westchester’s ‘Pokémon’ Hot Spots


The Pokémon Go craze has hit New York City hard, attracting thousands of mesmerized players in a pursuit to catch its virtual creatures. And while gatherings of gamers in Westchester have been relatively sparse, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Below are some examples of local social-media users who have found a handful of “hot spots” for Pokémon around our county.


  • “Remember when Westchester used to be a place for shopping and dining?” Twitter user @TheRealEric804 found himself asking this question, going so far as to proclaim that the 914 as a whole has become “a Pokémon center.” We trust any man who also proclaims Duke Ellington’s music to be fire


  • Night owls will be happy to know that regardless of the time, there are always Pokémon waiting to be caught. Facebook user Jackie Ortiz Morales found one called Poliwrath at 2 am one morning by “Riverdale Ave. and Morris” in Yonkers. If you’re reading this with interest, you should probably be asleep by now.   


  • Maybe all of that walking/running around has worked up your appetite. According to Facebook user Chris Wilcock, it turns out the Panera Bread on Central Avenue in Scarsdale is a haven for Pokémon Go players. Ditto City Limits Diner in White Plans. So do us all a favor and go get something to eat.


  • If you need an excuse to visit your local public library, the Westchester Library System tweets  that there is a very high chance that your local book depot is a Pokéstop. We advise making some time in your busy schedule for a “study” break. 


  • Looking for a nice leisurely stroll amid the overwhelming Pokémon craze? Riverfront Green Park in Peekskill is apparently the place to be. Twitter users @IanMelomo10 and @Mattkellz13 have attested to hundreds of people gathered in the park at different times, describing it as a “Pokémon Go Haven.” Another Twitter user, @Duhjent, claims that there may be a guy giving chicken nuggets to players in the park as well.


What have your go-to Westchester Pokémon spots been? Feel free to share (or hog them for yourselves) in the comments below.

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