Westchester’s First Physique 57 Pop-Up

Westchester Magazine Features—and beauty!—Editor Nancy Claus spreads the gospel on a local boutique-fitness debut…

Already a staple for NYC exercise enthusiasts, the first Westchester Physique 57 pop-up has opened in The Golden Horseshoe Shopping Center in Scarsdale, offering morning classes to help clients get their daily fitness fix.

While this is a new location for the studio, Scarsdale is not unfamiliar territory for CEO and co-founder Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi, who grew up in the town:

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“To me, it is only fitting that Physique 57 launch in the place where my fitness journey began. It has been fulfilling to watch the Physique 57 brand grow on a global scale, and a pop-up in my hometown brings the expansion full circle.”