Westchester Spots for African Cuisine

Our two top picks for curious foodies.

I can’t say I know much about this type of cuisine, so my curiosity is piqued. One choice is Lalibela in Mount Kisco. An interesting thing to know before you go is that the food is served sans fork and knife, so you are eating Ethiopian-style, with only hands and the help of some delicious flatbread. The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and vegan-friendly, and definitely date-friendly, too, as you will surely get closer while sharing food. Wash it all down with some delicious Ethiopian honey wine, axum tej. It’s a little sweet, (but not as sweet as a Riesling), with a dry and nutty aftertaste, and pretty much goes with everything.

In Croton-on-Hudson is a French-Moroccan bistro and wine bar called Tagine–my choice for this category. A tangine is actually a type of traditional dish, so when in Rome (or Morocco, as the case may be) … I order the lamb tangine, which comes with apricots, figs, onions, white beans, and almonds and is served with vegetables. My taste buds are dancing from all of the flavors and spices. I also order the vegetable couscous to help soak up all the juices from the lamb tangine—and being an Italian girl, I gotta have my carbs!