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The Definitive Westchester Singles’ Guide


There are three good things about being single: You’re free to do what you want, when you want. You don’t have to share snacks. And the sheets stay on your side of the bed. But let’s face it—loneliness is not a good look on anybody. So we’re here to help. First, we give you tried-and-true places to meet other singles in the area (and no, they’re not all dimly lit bar corners). Then, we share our best first- and second-date ideas (RIP, dinner and a movie). And for those of you who really need us to do all the work, we present 12 of Westchester’s most eligible singles. Any more help, and we’d have to go on the dates for you. And, with this selection, we wouldn’t mind.

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Most Eligible Singles


Where to Meet People

The Worst Pick-Up Lines

Dating Horror Stories

Online Dating

How and Where
to Have a Great Date

Behind the Scenes at
the Singles’ Photo Shoot