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Westchester Real Estate 2012: Katonah Is the Best Place to Live for a New Age Experience


“There’s a vortex of some kind in Katonah,” declares Linda Love, owner of Awakenings, a shop specializing in New Age books, music, and celestial treasures. That vortex seems to be centered on Katonah Avenue, home to dozens of tony boutiques and homey restaurants as well as more than the usual number of yoga studios, wellness consultants, astrologers, tarot card readers, numerologists, reflexologists, and others ready to help you find inner peace.

“Katonah has always been known as an artistic community,” Love says. “And now it’s become a place where energy attracts energy.”

Much of that energy emanates from her shop, where you’ll find paintings by local artists as well as crystals ranging in price up to $8,000. There’s also a full schedule of workshops and classes in astrology, past-life regression, and energy rejuvenation as well as massage, Jin Shin Do (also known as Bodymind Acupressure), lymphatic drainage, and reiki stress reduction.

For a more grounded approach to good health, Katonah also offers a farmers’ market on the rolling front lawn of the John Jay Homestead and a Mrs. Green’s Natural Market on Katonah Avenue. For a cup of organic coffee or tea, there’s Perks, and NoKa & Noka Joe’s. One other great reason to live/shop/astral project in Katonah—parking is free on Katonah Avenue!

Businesses in Katonah put out a New Agey vibe that attracts those looking for astrology readings or Jin Shin Do sessions.



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