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Westchester Real Estate 2012: Beechmont, New Rochelle


Ask any transplant from New York City why he or she moved to Westchester, and you’ll almost always hear, “When the baby was born…” Kids seem to be our major industry, which is certainly why so many of our neighborhoods are built around educating, entertaining, and empowering our darling offspring. If that’s your main mission at this stage of your life, New Rochelle’s Beechmont area is for you. It’s one of the most kid-centric places in Westchester.

“The Beechmont neighborhood is one of the best in New Rochelle for families with youngsters,” says realtor Thomas Ralph. “There’s a wholesome, comfortable feel about it that’s very attractive.”

Schools count big time, of course, and Beechmont has some fine ones. It’s home to Thornton-Donovan School, Liberty Montessori School, and the Barnard Early Childhood Center, a magnet school for pre-K through second grade. You and your tykes can walk to the Huguenot Children’s Library, the county’s only freestanding, kids-only library building. There’s a neat playground nearby, too. For more fresh air, explore a section of the Leatherstocking Trail and Colonial Greenway or stroll around Beechmont Lake.

One of the best features in the neighborhood is Amy’s Greenhouse and Gazebo at the Barnard Early Childhood Center. It’s a living memorial to Amy O’Doherty, who perished on 9/11. The greenhouse offers year-round events, but don’t miss the annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale.

New Rochelle boasts many activities for kids—and their parents.

The  quaint Beechmont neighborhood.

Amy’s Greenhouse is a living memorial to a former resident who died on 9/11.

The Huguenot Children’s Library is one of the best in the county; the  quaint Beechmont neighborhood.



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