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Westchester Landscape Pros’ Favorite Outdoor Plants for Spring 2013


Just in time for spring, we asked some gardening gurus about their favorite outdoor plants.

“The Vitex or chaste tree is a beautiful butterfly bush type of flowering shrub or tree that is glorious in full bloom and under-used in landscape—and it’s deer-resistant.”
Robert Welsch, Founder and President of Westover Landscape Design in Tarrytown

“I absolutely adore purple ninebark, a native deciduous shrub with stunning burgundy purple foliage that reaches up to nine feet. In the late spring, it develops pom-pom-shaped flowers that open pinkish and mature to white and perfectly round mounds of summer snow. And the round seed heads persist all season. As an added bonus, the shrub’s exfoliating/peeling bark is most thoroughly enjoyed after the leaves drop. This native looks good all year!”
Kathleen O’Grady, Landscape Designer at Greener by Design in New Rochelle

“My favorite outdoor plant is daphne ‘Carol Mackie’ because of its fragrance and the variety of uses it offers in the landscape.”
Bob Sullivan, Founder and Principal of Belmont Land Design, LLC in South Salem

“Stewartia koreana has white flowers, great autumn color, interesting bark, and does not get too large.”
Sean Jancski, Owner of Sean Jancski Landscape Architects LLC in Rye

“Anything that’s easy to maintain and not fussy: Endless Summer hydrangeas and Drift and Knock Out roses, milkweed [to attract monarch butterflies] are great choices.”
Catherine Wachs, Principal at The Lazy Gardener in Larchmont

“I really like the Stewartia tree. It has beautiful white summer flowers and its bark is incredible—it looks like camouflage!”
Jan Axel, Owner of Delphinium Design in South Salem

With research by Sara Steinfeld


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