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How Westchester County Does Halloween

Westchester County sounds off on Halloween trends. leekris | AdobeStock

It’s the spooky season again, and in that spirit, we ran an Instagram poll to see where WM followers stand on everything from candy to costumes.

This poll ran on Westchester Magazine’s Instagram account from 8/3/2022 to 8/4/2022.

Westchester County Halloween

How do you do Halloween in Westchester County? Adobe Stock / Jenifoto

When is someone too old to dress up for Halloween?

Westchester County Halloween

Westchester Magazine

When trick-or-treating, have you traveled to other streets in Westchester that have better candy than your own?

Westchester County Halloween

Adobe Stock / RomanWhale Studio

Which is your favorite Halloween candy?

Reeses and Snickers

Reese’s photo: Adobe Stock / Mike Ledray; Snickers photo: Adobe Stock / RVLSoft; Sour Patch Kids and Twizzlers photos: Adobe Stock / Steve Cukrov

When you get home, which is the first candy to go in the trash bin?

circus peanuts and other treats

Circus peanuts photo: Adobe Stock / Pamela D. McAdams; Candy corn photo: Adobe Stock / Pixelrobot; Good & Plenty photo: Adobe Stock / Steve Cukrov; Tootsie Roll photo: Evan-Amos, Wikimedia Commons

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