Westchester Could Use More Restaurants Like Maple & Rose

The county’s first all-day café is cutting edge in all all the ways we love.

If we’re being frank, Westchester could use more restaurants like Maple & Rose. The all-day café, located on the ground floor of Grand Street Lofts, a transit-oriented, luxury-rental development in Mamaroneck, is airy and stylish. Nothing on the veg-centric, counter-service menu costs more than $14 at lunch, $20 at dinner.

There’s a dedication to third-wave coffee — baristas are using single-origin Intelligentsia beans and Kilogram teas — and the bill includes a three-percent surcharge for the kitchen staff.

“There’s certainly good food [in Westchester], but it felt like the all-day-café concept hadn’t made it up here from the city,” says co-owner Matt Gorney. The restaurant and marketplace — there’s a chic selection of earthy ceramics and textiles, plus pantry items from top-level producers — launched in April, with co-owner and chef Ryan Hart (Barbuto, Buvette, Via Carota) in the kitchen.

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You should order some of the tartines, thick-cut slices of Sullivan Street Bakery bread topped with silky whipped ricotta, jammy tomatoes, and sharp ramp pesto or avocado slices, pink pickled onions, preserved lemon, and Aleppo pepper. Salads, which change seasonally, might include a deceptively delicious blend of spinach, goat cheese, hazelnuts, and saba.

And always, always order the ultra-crispy, lunch-only fried chicken with Catskill Provisions honey and fried herbs — it’s one of Westchester’s best renditions.

Maple & Rose
690 Mamaroneck Ave