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Westchester-Based Filmmaker Jessica Hester Launches IndieGoGo Campaign To Fund Vonnegut Film


If you happen to consider yourself a film buff, bookworm, or just a fan of all things Westchester, now’s your chance to directly get involved with a project that draws on all of those interdisciplinary passions.

Westchester-based filmmaker Jessica Hester is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to help complete funding for her latest film, Long Walk to Forever, a big-screen adaptation of renowned American writer Kurt Vonnegut’s short story of the same name.

The filming for Hester’s adaptation is already completed, and was shot on location in Croton State Park and the Rockefeller State Park (Sleepy Hollow). But, as the IndieGoGo page states, “anyone who’s made a movie knows, getting to this point isn’t the whole battle. The movie still has to be colored, the sound design has to be done, and the score has to be composed. And then we’ve got to get the film out to all the Vonnegut fans in the world – and to all the people who don’t know they’re Vonnegut fans.”

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The plot, which is loosely based on Vonnegut’s own relationship with his first wife, follows a man who deserts the US military to rekindle a romantic relationship with his old high school flame. Does he win back his sweetheart’s, uh, heart? You’ll just have to hope the film gets funded so you can find out! (Or you could always just Google it, but that’s no fun.)

That’s where willing Westchester residents come in. The campaign has a goal of $5000, and has already made more than half of that amount. But if you’re wondering whether sending your hard-earned dollars to an indie filmmaker could yield less-than-satisfactory results, here’s something else you can find on Google:  Hester has been recognized by and has received awards at several prestigious film festivals including Cannes, The Beverly Hills Film Festival, The Maui Film Festival, and The Hollyshorts Film Festival.

You can follow the funding progress on Hester’s campaign or donate yourself on the IndieGoGo page here.


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