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Westchester 2013 Bucket List: Shop at Stew’s


Stew Leonard’s is part dairy store, part Disneyland, with costumed characters greeting customers while Chiquita Banana, Clover the Cow, and Holstein Family Singers sing and dance over food displays. Outside, there’s a petting zoo with goats, chickens, and ducks. Who knew grocery shopping could be this much fun? Of course, all the entertainment wouldn’t matter if we didn’t love the food: breads, cakes, and cookies; sushi, soups, smoked salmon; fresh-squeezed juice and roasted coffee; custom-cut and -trimmed meat. The best part? Snacking on free samples as we wind our way through the store.
1 Stew Leonard Dr, Yonkers 
(914) 375-4700; stewleonards.com

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