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The Best Advice We Received from Brides and Grooms in 2017


Aislinn + Mike

Know your limits. Pinterest makes all those crafts look easy, but you don’t want to be stressed the weekend before your wedding trying to make all the decorations. Pick a few you know you can handle and let the pros do the rest. If you pick a wedding planner,make sure they are solidly in your court. They can be the best buffer between you and your well-meaning family. They should be able to say all the stuff that you can’t.

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Jessica + Brian

Always take help when it’s offered. Multiply your budget by three (or five) because that’s what you’ll really end up spending. And give yourself a few moments throughout the day to just take it all in.

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Don + Mark

Think about the kind of experience you want for your guests — and yourselves — and let that guide you through every decision you make. Use a planner so you can focus on the important things, including enjoying yourselves.

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Abbie + Jordan

Try not to get caught up in all the events and pre-wedding fun. The most special moments are the intimate, small ones with your fiancé/husband. Just take a look around once an hour to take in all the details of the day. It goes fast!

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Lauren + Jeremy

A lot of couples think that planning a year in advance [will get them] all the vendors they want. As a vendor and bride, I can tell you it just is not enough time. If you want to insure you are getting the vendors you want, planning should begin one and a half to two years out. Nailing down a venue, photographer, videographer, and DJ/band in the early planning stage will help immensely to insure you can book who you want.

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Erin + Cory

Choose a venue that functions well for your wedding. It’s easy to fall in love with a venue that doesn’t quite check all the boxes, but it’s very evident to guests when a wedding venue is too small or doesn’t allow for a natural flow.

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Chiara + Andrew

It’s so much easier when it’s a collaborative process between the couple. [We] both brought our own expertise to the event, and it was such a success because we worked through all the details together.

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Christina + Paul

If you don’t have a wedding planner, a day-of coordinator is a must. Be organized and use spreadsheets. Know that no matter what you budget, it will be more.

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Rose + Mike

Don’t be discouraged by [other] opinions. If you really want something that isn’t out of line, go ahead and plan for it. Remember, it only lasts a few hours so, if something isn’t perfect, it’s okay. Everything will work out and guests will still have a great time.

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