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14 Ideas for a Fall Wedding in Westchester You Won’t Forget

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June weddings are nice and all, but fall weddings have the romantic autumn hues and chilly nights that make for truly memorable nuptials.

Call us suckers for the foliage, but splashes of red, orange, and brown backdropping a gleaming white dress or a pitch-black tux just pop. But that’s not all there is to love about fall weddings in Westchester. With so many incredible local venues and outdoor destinations to get hitched at, we’ve seen a bevy of cute, kitschy, cozy, and stylish ways to bring the moods of the season into your celebration. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Skip the silk robes and do the bridal-party-getting-ready thing in cozy, mix-and-match flannel button-down shirts. 

Photo courtesy of Uplift Photography

2. Choose bridesmaids’ dresses in an array of dusty autumnal colors.

fall wedding bridal party

Photo courtesy of Sean Gallery

3. And add a pop of deep burgundy to your white gown with velvet pumps.

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus

4. At cocktail hour, serve spiced cider, or offer a big bowl of apple cider donuts for dessert. We’re pretty sure this is a legal requirement of any fall wedding in the Hudson Valley.

Photo courtesy of Uplift Photography

5. Work leaves in wherever you can, like this leaf-flecked arrangement bursting with autumn color. 

Photo courtesy of Ulysses Photography

6. They also set the tone nicely as place cards. 

Photo courtesy of Uplift Photography

7. And work as the perfect backdrop to make the diamonds on your rings really sparkle.

fall wedding rings

Photo by Alicia Swedenborg

8. And are perfect for those romantic just-married-kiss photos. 

Photos courtesy of Uplift Photography

9. Not into leaves? Go with a harvest-inspired arrangement featuring figs, berries, stone fruits, and citrus. 

Photo by Joshua Brown Photography

10. Or keep your fall wedding simple with red and orange flowers and a whole lot of candlelight. 

fall wedding table

Photo courtesy of Sue Kessler and Andrew Kelly of Christian Oth Studio

11. Or try something a bit more whimsical like seasonal flowers, apples, felt acorns, and tiny bottles of maple syrup.

Photo courtesy of Cappy Hotchkiss Photography

12. White-painted pumpkins look super chic with silvery votive candles. 

fall wedding - white pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Uplift Photography

13. And gold ones make for fantastic place-card holders. 

fall wedding - pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Sean Gallery

14. With autumn’s chill in the air, finish the night with a roaring fire. 

fall wedding fire pit

Photo courtesy of Uplift Photography

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