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Watch This Mindboggling Half-Court Play By Ardsley's Panthers



March is as exciting a time for basketball as it gets, and the same goes for Westchester, even at the high school level. Quite literal madness ensued after a mind-boggling play led Ardsley’s Panthers to a one-point victory over the Tappan Zee Dutchmen that will be celebrated for quite some time.

Down two points with less than 3 seconds to play, the Dutchmen attempted to solidify their lead by tossing the ball past the half-court line, only to be snagged by Ardsley’s Julian McGarvey, practically throwing a Hail-Mary toss, hitting nothing but net from the other half of the court. The play earned the Panthers three points and a bum-rushed court by their fans and fellow students. Check out the monstrous play recorded by reporter Kevin Devaney Jr.