Walter's Hot Dogs Has Received Thousands of Postcards From Fans Around the World

Take a look at the postcards customers have sent to the stand since 1919.

After 100 years in business, regular lines down the block in Mamaroneck prove that Walter’s is as popular as ever. But there’s another tribute at the iconic dragon pagoda that shows how much customers love their singles with mustard: postcards sent from far-flung destinations around the world.

“When Walter opened his stand in 1919, customers would send him greetings saying they couldn’t find anything like Walter’s anywhere else in the world,” states the Warrington family. “The initial postcards came from Havana, Paris, and Ontario in the early 1920s. We even received one in 1929 from Admiral Richard Byrd’s first Antarctica expedition.”

Today, Walter’s still receives a handful each month. Below, we take a look at a few of the thousands dispatched since 1919.

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