4 Videoconferencing Apps for Businesses That Aren’t Zoom


Believe it or not, there are many other highly functional videoconferencing apps perfect for small and large businesses that want to work remotely.

Google Meet

With the ability to cast video calls to your TV or smart display, this top-tier videoconferencing app utilizes the tech power of Google to offer features like screen sharing and the ability to hold 100 people per room.


This longtime favorite for text messaging has recently revamped its videoconferencing features to better compete with Zoom, now offering a limit of 12 participants per call and more security than most other communication apps.


This new kid on the block, created by tech behemoth Cisco, has already made a name for itself by offering free videoconferencing for up to 50 minutes but 100 people per session, as well as many other futuristic features available for a small monthly fee.

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This up-and-coming app is geared toward events, with the ability to charge for and create automated webinars, as well as create good old videoconferencing rooms where you can share your screen or even create a poll.