Unique, Far Out, and Straight Up Unconventional Valentine’s Date Ideas

Looking for some fresh, atypical date ideas for this year? Click here.


Admittedly, there’s something a bit peculiar about assigning undue romantic value on an invented holiday celebrating the beheading of two or three separate and potentially mythical martyrs, placed in February to subvert the Pagan feast of Lupercalia. (And no, we’re not bitter. Why would you say that?)

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For whatever your reason, perhaps a candle-lit evening or fine dining and long-stemmed, scentless roses aren’t your style. If that be the case, we’ve compiled a quick list of more … uncommon ways to spend your February 14 this year.


For Singles (and Groups)

Alright, we’re really not bitter, but yes, maybe a few of us would like to find a special someone to help us spend Valentine’s next year. If that’s the case, the Yonkers Brewing Co. is hosting two rounds of speed dating.

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YBC was thoughtful enough to spread their Valentine’s menu for three straight days, but on that last evening of Friday. February 16 they’ll host three hours of beer sampling and beau sampling (with included ice breakers), all for just $15. The following Friday the whole affair will repeat itself for LGBT Singles’ Speed Dating!

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It’s also worth noting that YBC, like many of the prix fixe Valentine’s menus listed above are priced per person — not per couple — so poly friends, Galentine’s girls, Mandate Men, have at it!

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For the Nerds We Need

Sometimes a character joins your party and you just know you’ve found your Aeris. Wait, that might be a bad comparison…. Listen, the point is: Geeks are sexy. We’re chic, we’re interesting, we run every major company, and sometimes we want something other than fancy food in a room full of strangers. For a romantic night that doesn’t skimp on the science this year, the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers is hosting Valentine’s Day Under the Stars. Enjoy a champagne toast and light hors d’oeuvres starting at 6 p.m., then explore the great mythical romances emblazoned throughout the constellations of our night sky, all from the comfort of the indoor planetarium. Tickets are $30, but museum members get $5 off, plus special deals at several nearby eateries after you work up an appetite … for science.

Alternately, if you’re a more competitive type of geek, Wednesdays are also league night at The Rift in Peekskill. No, not a bowling league; come on. It’s Magic: The Gathering! Mondays are for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Tuesdays are Dragonball Super, but Wednesday nights are always for M:TG, and yes that includes Valentine’s Day! They’ve also got groups for D&D, Hearthstone, Warhammer 40K, and a bevy of board games, comics, gifts and apparel … basically it’s a full on comic shop. If that doesn’t say “romance” to you, then we might need to start seeing other Player Twos.

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For the Couple Who Just Can’t Wait to Spend Eternity Together (in the Ground)

If we could be permitted to backtrack a bit, between the decapitated saints, longing verse, and Pagan tradition, Valentine’s Day might actually be the most Goth of holidays. It’s still a bit chilly and damp, but what better way to really feel the loving embrace of death’s cold chill than a delightful graveyard stroll on this bleakest of honored days? Westchester is home to many beautiful, historic cemeteries, perfect for a picnic, photo shoot, or just leaving flowers for all the happy couples buried there. Maybe pick out a nice spot and put a down payment like my grandparents did.

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For Anyone Looking to Let Go of Earthly Attachments

Even if you’re just looking for a way to feel better about not having a Valentine, the Westchester Buddhist Center is always welcoming of those seeking self-reflection and greater understanding. Wednesdays host weekly Meditation Group at the center’s Mount Kisco location from 7 to 9 p.m.

The center is also in the midst of an on-going series, “Walking in the Footsteps of the Buddha,” teaching the fundamentals of Buddhist meditation as well as insights by Chögyan Trungpa Rinpoche. February 14 coincides with the closing of Segment Three in the series, “Suffering, Ego, and the Path of Insight.” The full course ($160) is split into two six-class segments ($90 individually), but you can drop in on a single class for just $15.

For Anyone Who Wants to Spread the Love

You may remember Yorktown Love In Action, the local charity and donation center that was robbed of all their operating cash just before the winter holidays. Not only have they survived that terrible ordeal, but the group is now celebrating its anniversary with sales and specials in their warehouse, and are accepting donations of furniture, clothing, toys, art, books, music, home goods, and of course cash — all to benefit families and individuals in need throughout Westchester and Putnam counties. Head on down, check out their specials, and know that any gift you’re giving also gives a gift to your neighbors who need it most.