UnDamage Your Skin

We all know by now what horrors the sun can wreak upon our fair complexions: premature wrinkles, age spots, decreased firmness and tone. So when we hear about a skin therapy line that was created during research partially funded by the National Institutes of Health, we take notice. What’s more, clinical research took place at the University of Arizona Cancer Center and the technology behind the product is so advanced, it holds 14 patents.

Niacin, a vitamin essential for healthy skin, is the main ingredient in NIA 24, a line of products that bring a continuous-release form of niacin to the skin. The line offers three levels of action: pre-damage control, pro-active repair, and an antidote to damaged skin. As with all good things, you want to start this protocol slowly, since it takes about a week or so for skin to adjust. Sensitive types might feel a warming sensation, initial breakout, and increased dryness. Be patient, young grasshopper: the results are worth it. Products range from $30 to $85; available at SpaceNK in Bloomingdales (175 Bloomingdale Rd, White Plains, 914-684-6300) or Scarsdale (24 Harwood Ct, 914-472-1214) or at NIA24.com.