'Tween Trends

Sandwiched between their babyish little sisters and too-cool-for-school older sibs, ’tween girls aged seven to 14 present their own special clothes shopping, um, challenges. Not to worry. Fashion expert Sasha Solow, a ’tween clothing designer and former owner of an eponymous boutique devoted exclusively to this group’s sartorial style, offers advice.

Q: Are ’tween girls picky and hard-to-please?
For sure. They’ve all got their style. Some girls won’t wear pink, others only wear pink. They know what they want.

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Q: How have ’tweens fashions changed over the last several years?
Everything is more sophisticated—a little cleaner and more mature.

Q: What will the coolest ’tween-istas be sporting this spring?
Legs are getting skinnier and tighter, like jeans made of Lycra. They look like jeans but fit like leggings.

Q: What’s the most outrageous behavior you’ve witnessed during a ’tween shopping trip?
Certainly the most upsetting is when a mother tells her daughter that she looks fat in something. Unfortunately, I’ve seen it plenty of times.

Q: Your best advice to parents to ensure a successful shopping trip?
Try to follow your child’s direction and see what she likes. So many times parents bring home something that the child never wears; if she’s picking it out herself, you’ll get your money’s worth.