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Every Direct Flight You Can Take From Westchester County Airport


These fun and fantastic vacation destinations are all easily accessible from one of Westchester County’s best-kept secrets, HPN.

Figuring out how you’re going to transport your family and all that luggage to and from an airport — Car service? Rental? Long-term parking? — is enough to make you need a vacation in itself or, worse, the dreaded “staycation.” Luckily, you can skip the mad dash to JFK or LaGuardia with a quick trip over to one of the greatest secrets Westchester keeps from the outside world: Westchester County Airport.

“HPN,” as the flyboys call it, has been running commercial flights since 1949 and now serves more than 1.5 million passengers per year, traveling to seven states, plus our nation’s capital. Snatch up a direct flight to any of these cities for your next vacation, business trip, or even as a savvy way to avoid longer or more expensive layovers on lengthier trips.


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The most popular travel destination out of Westchester County Airport, Florida has a host of arrival airports all serviced by JetBlue. Flights are available to:

• Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
• Fort Myers (RSW)
• Orlando (MCO)
• Tampa (TPA)
• West Palm Beach (PBI)

Whether you’re looking to attend spring break, hit up the surf and sand, visit Universal Studios or Disney, or even attend a trade show, HPN has you covered.

The Southeast

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For more down-home vacations, Westchester is still the way to go. American Airlines offers daily flights to major transit hub Charlotte, NC (CLT), while Delta flies directly to HPN’s most popular single destination: Atlanta, GA. Whether you’re aching for some authentic southern cooking or just hoping to sneak into the background of the Donald Glover series, we’re not going to judge; we just want to get you there cheap and easy.

New England


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Weekenders, “summerers,” and just anyone who loves spending some time up in New England will be very happy with the offerings from Cape Air, which offers direct flights to Lebanon, NH (LEB) for ski lovers, as well as four Massachusetts mainstays:

• Hyannis (HYA)
• Martha’s Vineyard (MVY)
• Nantucket (ACK)
• Provincetown (PVC)

Cape enthusiasts also get a double-dose of possibilities thanks to Tradewind Aviation, which also books flights out to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Beginning late May 2021, Elite Airways can also bring locals non-stop from HPN to both locations seven days a week, for as little as $129 with no ticket-changing fees and free checked bag and carryon. (But the biggest selling feature is clear: No middle seats.)

The Midwest


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Delta also flies into Detroit Metropolitan, a major international airport, so it’s great for layovers on your way to farther destinations, or just if you’re a fan of the Motor City. Full of museums and nightlife, Detroit is a lovely and vibrant city (even if they cook their pizza in weird little pans).

American Airlines and United both run flights to and from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Again, this makes it a major destination for those flying farther west or looking to save a little cash with a strategic layover. It is, coincidentally, another fantastic place for Westchesterites to try a regional favorite the locals (heretically) refer to as pizza. Also you can visit that museum from Ferris Bueller and take the best vacation photos ever.

Washington, D.C.


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Lastly, American also provides service to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in our nation’s capital. While most of us in Westchester are probably comfortable taking the five-ish hour drive down to Washington to visit the historic sites and world-class museums, there are times when a quick flight down is just more convenient. Be it for a Nationals game, rally, or a little bit of light National Treasure photo reenactment (we’re not judging), HPN can have you there and back in a jiff.

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