Travel Essentials: Flying

I’m one of those airplane passengers who’s sucked into a coma before takeoff, so arriving at my destination with a perfectly made-up face is pretty much a lost cause. Instead, I like to take advantage of the downtime by treating, as Lucky editor Eva Chen advises, “flight time as facial time.”

Before my flight to Miami this past week (hallelujah), I washed thoroughly, layered a substantial moisturizer over repairing serum, and made sure to bring along these in- and post-transit essentials:

  1. A nourishing hand cream (to counter all of that drying antibacterial liquid)
  2. An eye roller (to perk up sleepy peepers once grounded)
  3. A silky eye mask (sunglasses nose dents are never cute)

On our descent into MIA, I was not only well rested, but felt fresh as a Florida orange—and beelined straight to baggage, skipping the stop at the ladies’ room to reapply smudged eyeliner, etc.

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My rule of thumb is to keep my grab-and-go kit as pared down as possible, but what are YOUR trip-taking essentials?