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TotalFusion Heats Up Harrison


As our attention spans have grown shorter, so have our workouts. In a world of instant gratification, an exercise consisting of 60 continuous minutes of cycling or Pilates can seem monotonous.  

Dima Teitelman, MD — a cardiologist located in Rego Park, New York — felt that that “exercise should never be boring or routine.” This is why he, along with leading anesthesiologist Allen Coopersmith, MD, designed custom, high-energy group exercise classes for their boutique fitness studio in Harrison.

TotalFusion offers hybrid workouts that are not only doctor-approved, but are designed to hold your attention. Classes include Cy-Co (combination of a 30-minute cycle session with 20 minutes of core exercises), Mind (combination of a 30-minute cycle session with a 30-minute yoga session) and Rhythm (an hour long dance-inspired class that incorporates drum sticks), among others. Each provides a full-body workout and is led by an elite fitness professional.

TotalFusion is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the member experience. The cycling studio boasts an advanced Spivi system, which provides professional 3D simulation that helps cyclists visualize their progress and track their heart rate.

The small studio is “more personalized than big-box gyms. We know your name when you come in,” says Alex Bayer, President and CEO. Plus, the intimate environment allows the instructors to focus on the goals of every individual.

And while there are many places in Westchester to get your heart rate pumping, TotalFusion is unique because the studio’s co-founders are medical professionals who understand the science behind an efficient and safe workout.

“When we created our classes, our mission was to improve our members’ physical fitness level, mental wellness and overall health,” says Dr. Teitelman. He and Dr. Coopersmith educate members and the community on proper health and fitness by regularly offering complimentary seminars and events led by nutritionists, chiropractors, and other professionals.

TotalFusion offers classes for adults, kids, and teens. Classes can be purchased individually, in bundled packages, or as monthly plans. The studio is currently offering a two-week free trial to all new members.

347 Halstead Avenue
Harrison, NY
914-315-1360; www.totalfusionstudios.com


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