Top Pharmacy Customer Complaints

The workday of a pharmacist has to do with more than simply filling prescriptions. Pharmacists must answer customers’ questions and counsel them on their medications, listen to patient gripes about the high cost of those meds, and decipher doctors’ handwriting—all while maintaining a pleasant demeanor.

We asked four local pharmacists: 

What is the number-one complaint you hear from customers?

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Ira Schwartz, Pleasantville Pharmacy: “How come I’m paying so much?” or “Why did the cost of my medication increase?” We don’t control the pricing, so they just have to call the insurance company. 

William Stroud, Greenleaf Pharmacy, Hastings: It’s always the price. There are so many variances on insurance plans – It’s almost like I have a degree just to read your plan.

Bob Giaquinto, Rye Beach Pharmacy: They frequently have big issues with insurance. Often people are in terrible, terrible situations, but, unfortunately, that’s something that we don’t control.

Luisa Fortino-Pompa, Rye Beach Pharmacy: We often have patients calling in to inquire whether or not their doctor called in their prescription. If the doctor has to sign off on the prescription, it may take a little longer if he or she is bombarded with patients. Sometimes, it’s a matter of a computer glitch, or the doctor has sent the prescription to the wrong pharmacy.