Tommy Carter, 29

Balancing the books along with a bar full of weights is just another day in the life of young entrepreneur Tommy Carter, for whom staying in shape is only half the battle. Carter runs CrossFit Immortal in Pleasantville and is the only trainer in the entire county with level-3 certification in the sport — an accreditation that takes years of dedication and extensive knowledge to earn. In just shy of four years, Carter has built Immortal into one of the county’s top CrossFit gyms, growing to more than 150 members and expanding revenue year after year. “Money has never been my point of focus,” says Carter. “Every day, I wake up and I ask myself: How can I improve the experience the members have? I think because of that approach, the financials have always moved in the right direction.” The entrepreneurial journey “has been a roller coaster for sure,” says Carter, who embraces the demands of his ever-growing client base. “My gym changes lives, plain and simple. That may sound corny, but it’s true.”