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This Westchester Town Is the Richest in New York State


Unsurprisingly, if you pour over the 2013-2017 income data just released by the U.S. Census Bureau, you’ll once again find one particular town topping the charts.

For yet another year, Scarsdale has been proclaimed the wealthiest burgh in Westchester County, based on median household income. Over the 4-year period (and adjusted to 2017 dollar values), the average household in Scarsdale earned well in excess of $250,000, far above the New York State average of $62,765 and the national average of $57,652. (The per capita income alone in Scarsdale was more than $131,000.)

This beat out second place Bronxville ($205,781) over the same time period, as well as other traditionally pricey neighborhoods like Larchmont ($198,661) and Pound Ridge ($198,500). North Castle, Briarcliff Manor, Lewisboro, Bedford, Mamaroneck, and Greenburgh rounded out the top ten, with the latter pulling down a comparatively paltry $120,256.

Scarsdale also had a low poverty rate of only 2.5 percent, well below the state and national averages (14.1 percent and 12.3 percent, respectively).

Atherton, CA, a San Mateo County suburb just outside Palo Alto, still manages to eke out Scarsdale for the number one spot nationally, with a higher per capita income but also a poverty rate a full percentage point higher than Scarsdale.