This Movie Theatre is Perfect for Your Next Office Retreat

iPic offer a better moviegoing experience for a teambuilding outing or an impressive client klatch.

Want to enjoy new releases without having to suffer crowded, low-quality multiplexes? iPic Theaters, with a brand-new location in Dobbs Ferry, is rebooting the cinema experience as we know it. Perfect for a teambuilding outing or a fun twist on the take-a-client-out-for-the-night routine, iPic combines premium movie-viewing with the luxury of upscale dining and seating arrangements. Food options include the on-site City Perch Kitchen + Bar, as well as in-theater fare designed for minimal mess. All eats are made to pair with the theater’s creative cocktails, like the Tuck Ginger Fizz, featuring house-infused vodka, ginger beer, and slapped mint. iPic offers regular yet sumptuous theater seats, front-row chaise-lounge seating and, for Sapphire members, maximum-comfort leather seating pods with full-leg recliners. This includes courtesy blankets and pillows, unlimited popcorn, and direct service from the theater menu. The only hard part will be heading home once the lights come up.