This Halloween Graveyard of ‘Dying Trends’ Is Grabbing National Attention

“I’m not dead yet!” It might be somewhat meta, but that’s what a few of 2017’s best memes and cultural touchstones will be screaming as Isaac E. Young Middle School art teacher Michael Fry has once again morphed his front lawn into a Halloween graveyard mourning—or not—their loss.

Doomed and eulogized icons this year include “Old Taylor Swift,” dabbing, “Normal Seasons,” TrumpCare, “Watching live T.V.,” and (paradoxically enough) Viserion from Game of Thrones. One memorial that may be a tad premature? “Homemade slime.” Apparently teachers hate the stuff.

Fry began the tradition three years ago, telling ABC News, “I wanted to put something on them that wasn’t necessarily people, and I didn’t want to be too left or too right or offensive,” aiming instead for “humorous and modern.” With the help of his family and not just a little crowdsourcing from his students, the Fry household’s spooky decorations have become something of a collaborative art installation.

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When asked if there’s anything he hopes makes the list next year, Fry responded very, very quickly: “Fidget spinners.”