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These Two Local Siblings Found Success Running Twin Rye Businesses


When Angela Guitard opened her chic boutique Angela’s on Purchase Street in Rye, she knew she had happened upon a prime location. “Rye is a quaint town and has very loyal clients,” says Guitard. “It is a high net-worth area, there are a lot of country clubs in the town, and it attracts the kind of clientele I cater to.”

This clientele happens to be some of the most fashionable women in Westchester, who frequent Angela’s 24 Purchase Street fashion and lifestyle boutique, which has been thriving since 2011.

“I felt the town of Rye needed a well curated boutique for all the fashion-forward women who have moved into the town, as well as those in the surrounding areas,” says Guitard. “These women shop online and travel to New York City to buy clothing, and I felt there was a niche in the town to service them.”

Angela Guitard

Meanwhile, Guitard’s brother, Frank Rotondo, had decided to stick with the family business. He runs York’s Antiques, which their grandfather founded three generations before, with locations in New York City and Mamaroneck. However, It was Angela who convinced her brother to bring the business up to Rye. 

Photo of York’s Antiques courtesy of Frank Rotondo

“Angela’s was first to Rye, but my business has been around for over 30 years,” says Rotondo. “Along with our entrepreneurial spirit, Angela and I are a lot like our father in that family means everything to us. We have always looked out for one another, both personally and professionally. I think the most important thing is that we believe in each other’s drive and passion. We want to see the other be successful and happy. Being geographically close to one another allows us to witness that firsthand.”

With his store barely a block away, at 12 Purchase Street, Rotondo isn’t kidding. York’s currently sells a wealth of antique furniture, lighting fixtures, artwork, and other rare finds. “I basically talked my brother into coming to Rye to open his store,” says Angela, who will be expanding into e-commerce within the coming months and has recently added makeup to the selection of her own shop.

For Frank, after so much change in his own business over the years, remaining in Rye is a no-brainer. “We grew up in Westchester, and spent a lot of time in Rye when we were young. We know that the people who live in this area are great people that can appreciate the work that we are trying to do,” says Rotondo. “As small businesses, the support we have received from this community makes me hesitant to move anywhere else.”


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