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Study Hall,1934

Things definitely have changed at The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry. The school opened in 1877 as The Misses Master’s Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies and Children. In 1934, the study hall, located in Masters Hall, had a certain Harry Potter-esque charm. The girls, who studied by the light of the hall’s tall, gothic windows, wore uniforms consisting of a navy skirt, navy blazer, and white, sailor-collared blouse.



Science Lab, 2007

Masters Hall burned down in 1971 and, although it was rebuilt, this room, as well as the student lifestyle it reflected, was never reconstructed. Uniforms were abandoned in the 1970s, and, in 1996, the school converted to coeducation. Today, classrooms in the upper school (grades 9-12) have replaced the rows of desks with oval Harkness tables, named for the educator who theorized that round tables, rather than desks, would encourage students to engage in scholarly discourse and lively participation. In 1934, there were 54 students in the graduating class. This year, there are 116.

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