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The Ultimate Westchester Thrift-Store Crawl


Thanks to Seattle rapper Macklemore’s chart-topping single, thrift shopping gained national attention over the past few years. These low-cost retail locales for donated goods quickly became the go-to source for funky get-ups and last minute Halloween costumes.

However, as you might have noticed in our recent Fall Fashion photo shoot, dressing well in Westchester can generally run your pockets pretty dry. And while consignment shops offer a relatively affordable alternative if you’re looking for high-end name brands, you can still end up spending a few hundred of your hard earned dollars acquiring a single outfit.

Thrift stores, on the other hand, provide the most bang for your buck, and with a thorough search, you’ll never have to sacrifice your style. Still feeling hesitant? Take a look at my venture through the Westchester second-hand scene below, and perhaps you’ll feel more optimistic the next occasion you’re assembling the perfect seasonal outfit with only twenty bucks in your pocket.