The Most Hilarious Tweets from Westchester’s Popular Yet Anonymous Westchester Girl Problems

Reading through @WC_Problems.

With nearly 10,000 Twitter followers (including County Exec Rob Astorino), the anonymous online personality behind Westchester Girl Problems is the County’s answer to smart-mouthed first-worlder Babe Walker, whose White Girl Problems is now a New York Times bestseller. In the mystery tweeter’s words, “If living in Westchester causes most of our problems, I guess we don’t have so many problems.” Search #WestchesterGirlProblems only if you dare.

@WC_Problems: 2014 is the year of my “Do Less” campaign – less drinking, less eating, less complaining, less being in Westchester. 

@WC_Problems: I really like working but with these few days off I realized… I really like not working. 

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@WC_Problems: If it makes you feel any better, which it won’t, I’ve seen Adriana Lima in real life & she’s actually not that cute in person #VSFashionShow

@WC_Problems: People constantly let me down. I look at my Louis Vuitton bag and it never disappoints me. #JustSaying

@WC_Problems: How am I supposed to show everyone how awesome my plans for tonight are/how cool & fun my life is if Instagram won’t let me log on? 

@WC_Problems: There are two things I can spot from a mile away: a fake bag and a fake nose 

@WC_Problems: I can’t wait till I move into the city because I won’t be able to afford to eat 

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@WC_Problems: My work friend told me an engagement ring I showed her was “way too big” & that’s how I knew we’d never be friends 

@WC_Problems: On 3 glasses of wine a day, I’m gonna be such a good mom 

@WC_Problems: You know Mariano Rivera is a down-to-earth guy. He sends his kids to Iona Prep. #SeeYaAtTheMall

@WC_Problems: I was just told I act like a Long Island girl. How degrading?! 

@WC_Problems: I just want my parents to know I’ve been so so so drunk & I’ve still never acted like Miley. So they’re welcome. 

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@WC_Problems: There’s too much TV going on tonight and I’m getting anxiety over having to choose 

@WC_Problems: Last night I asked someone if they were in WP for the scene (sarcastically) & said person replied (seriously) yes 

@WC_Problems:  just checked LinkedIn to find out my dad’s job 

@WC_Problems: My daily happiness is based on the amount of caramel in my Caramel Macchiato.

@WC_Problems: When you spend $200 on 3 t-shirts, you know you have #WestchesterGirlProblems