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The Katonah Museum’s Eye to I…3,000 Years of Portraits


We may consider smartphone selfies the lowest form of expression, but portraiture has a long history in the art world. Really long. The Katonah Museum of Art presents a wide-ranging survey of the form in its newest exhibition, Eye to I…3,000 Years of Portraits. The millennia-spanning exhibit starts with an Egyptian bust of Amenhotep III from 1500 BC, then surveys artists through the years, including Diane Arbus, Pablo Picasso, Chuck Close, Andy Warhol, and Cindy Sherman. Next to each of the 60 works, there will be an “interpretive” copy made by artists and non-artists alike, and you can get in on the act by submitting your own 6” by 6” portrait in any medium (selfies included). Eye to I will be on view from October 27 to  February 16.

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