The Best—And Worst—Pizza In Pelham

Lincoln Avenue slices through Pelham’s main drag, Fifth Avenue, like a pizza roller going east to west, creating distinct areas of town within an easy stroll of Metro-North. The good news: Pelham is packed with pizza! The bad news? Choose wisely or you might get burned—burned pizza, that is. 

Star ratings are out of five

Pelham Pizza

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Pelham Pizza, smack in the middle of everything, is doing a land-office business. Lunch on a weekday means no seats, two-deep at the counter, everyone chowing down on both pizza and pasta, which is available in half orders (can we do this everywhere?). Ditto 45 minutes later, when I was able to snag the last booth. After all that, I sat down to good, but not noteworthy, pizza: the plain slice relatively thin-crusted and joyously oily—the Sicilian a touch soggy but otherwise balanced, with the requisite dense crust.

Plain slice: â˜…★★
Sicilian slice: â˜…★★

113 Fifth Ave
(914) 738-3554;

Marcello’s Pizzeria

Marcello’s Pizzeria, down the street from Pelham Pizza, appears to toil in its shadow. Peace was broken mainly by the lurid news on TV. That said, the Sicilian is a degree better here (and at $2.75, you’ll pay 25 cents more for it), cheesier and a bit more evenly cooked. The plain slice ($2.50, the going rate) has a less delicate crust, less sauce, less oil. I couldn’t resist garlic knots loaded up with bits of chopped garlic in their oily tray. A $5.95 lunch special features different pasta each day (add salad for $2).

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Plain slice: â˜…★★
Sicilian slice: â˜…★★½

33 Fifth Ave
(914) 654-8599;

Benny’s Pizza

On the other side of Fifth Avenue, just north of Lincoln, is Benny’s Pizza, a small establishment with a surprisingly large selection of Italian dishes. Under my scrutiny, the pizza on the counter practically put its hands up and surrendered: first, the brown-topped Sicilian, and then the wizened regular slice. After being heated, the Sicilian’s top layer resembled beef jerky, and the plain sported a sundried look. Both were served without comment.

Plain slice: â˜…★
Sicilian slice: â˜…

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304 Fifth Ave
(914) 633-3332;

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Villaggio Ristorante & Pizzeria

Don’t let the white-tablecloth ristorante behind door number 1 at Villaggio Ristorante & Pizzeria keep you from entering the pizzeria behind door number 2. The plain and Sicilian slices trump others in the area with softer, better cheese and a nicely crisp crust.

But go there for the specialty slices, such as the delicious arugula, tomato, and Gorgonzola salad slice with a flatbread-like crust, and the Grandma slice with green and black olives, cherry peppers, and capers. San Pellegrino sodas in blood orange and pomegranate are a nice touch.

Plain slice: â˜…★★½
Sicilian slice: â˜…★★½

229 Wolfs Ln
(914) 738-4700;

Four Corners Pizza

Over in Pelham Manor (about 5 minutes from Pelham Village—the two make up the town), Four Corners Pizza is a friendly place with pizza boxed piled up to the sky and New York slices right out of central casting. A fixture for more than 40 years, it has the fiercely loyal fans you might expect—nostalgia making the best sauce, when it comes to pizza.

Plain slice: â˜…★★
Sicilian slice: â˜…★★

902 Pelhamdale Ave
(914) 738-0905;