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Here’s Where to Find a Tesla Supercharger Station in Westchester

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If you’re low on range and low on time, here’s where to go in Westchester to Supercharge your Tesla and get back on the road.

The era of the electric car is here. Every day more and more people switch from traditional gas-powered vehicles to cool and clean electric ones, so much so that major and historic car manufacturers like GM and Toyota have announced that by 2035 they will only sell electric vehicles.

Today, Tesla is the industry standard in electric vehicles; Elon Musk’s trillion-dollar company is the most valuable car manufacturer in the world, and Teslas have achieved some cache as a status symbol the same way an Apple product might.

Electric cars don’t emit any greenhouse gasses or air pollutants and have a significantly lower carbon footprint than cars with combustion engines. It’s estimated that almost 25 percent of all air pollution can be attributed to transportation and the burning of gasoline.

Though they go a long way in helping the environment, one present drawback of electric cars is that they don’t quite go a long way on the road, and they lack the luxury of a gas station on every corner of every street the way gas cars do.

So what happens when you run “out of gas” in your Tesla, but can’t get to your own home-charging station?

At present, there are five official Tesla “Supercharger” stations in Westchester, and they can charge your car with 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes.

A full charge will cost you about $20, while it’s approximately $10 for a quick half-charge when you need to be on the move.

New Rochelle

New Roc Garage
33 LeCount Place and Huguenot Street
New Rochelle

8 Superchargers; open 14 hours, up to 72kW


Arcadian Shopping Center
240 South Highland Avenue

12 Superchargers; open 24 hours, up to 150kW



Sheraton Tarrytown Hotel
600 White Plains Road

12 Superchargers; open 24 hours, up to 150kW


Ridge Hill Mall
Archer Street

18 Superchargers; open 24 hours, up to 72kW

Yorktown Heights

Staples Plaza
3379 Crompond Road
Yorktown Heights

12 Superchargers; open 24 hours, up to 150kW

Dobbs Ferry

As of 5/10/2022, one is planned but not yet open.

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