Tappan Zee Timetable

How did this monument, which hoists 138,000 commuters per day, get to where it is now?

No doubt, the 138,000 commuters who travel the tired, old, oft-congested Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge on a daily basis can’t wait for its replacement to open. When it does, the new structure will include eight traffic lanes, four breakdown/emergency lanes, at least three highway-speed E-ZPass lanes, and the ability to handle express bus service. It will also have a dedicated bicycle/pedestrian path with scenic overlooks, as well as anti-climb fencing and 24-hour security surveillance.

And if you’re looking ahead to what your morning commute might be like for the next, oh, 70 or 80 years, planners promise that this new bridge won’t need replacement for more than a century.

Here’s a timeline showing the history of the Tappan Zee and its replacement.

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